Riding the wind, my hands out stretched.
No one would believe this story, it’s to far fetched.
I closed my eyes but for a moment, felt the wind in my hair.
I opened them slowly, being whisked up in the air.

With wings white, each feather lined with gold.
This was a great mythical horse, or so I’ve been told.
Rainbow colors flowed through out its long mane,
I knew if I told you you’d think I was insane.

Without hesitation we rose higher and higher.
As we approached the sun my skin felt as if it was on fire.
Suddenly he folded his beautiful outstretched wings.
And I knew at once the relief a storm cloud brings.

We rode thru a rainbow, with every color and hue.
As we gently glided closer to the ground, I knew my ride was thru.
I knew I never would forget the day I rode the wind.
And as long as I believed, I knew you would be back again.

A mythical legend born in the realms kings.
I watched in aw as you stretched out your wings.
Stood on your hind legs and bound upward without a care.
The noblest of them all, Pegasus, had once again taken to the air

by Poison 9901

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