The Open Door

Poem By Dee DeShay

God told us to walk through the great and effective door
Many enemies you see
tried to stop your destiny, future
Because God wants to use us
God has called us each by name
New Life He has proclaimed.
This is the reason our name changed
The devils tricks are the same
he still talking that lame game,
but many he has deceived
The Lord is displeased
This is why we've been chosen,
to go tell those who don't Him
Addition, it's in our mission
Ethnically, diverse, group of believers
Multiplication, God's given us the nations
recall the transformation, Abram to Abraham
the father of many nations
Like Abraham, He called us from the godless place
We've come through the door
Here we are upon a new horizon, and God has opened up
our eyes and let us see the devils subtle disguises
We are in too deep
No turning around
here there's another level of Gods glory we've found
Waring in the night
Putting demons to flight
With the True Light
Worshiping, praising God through the nights
Time, devotion, His cause for all this commotion
Now! it ain't no thang to rebuke a demon, in Jesus name
With a prayer partner tag teaming, with Holy Spirit filled believers.
Recall to mind, Moses and his rod
The moral was that we must obey God
Pick up the serpent by the tail.
Only through obedience to the Lord do we prevail
Now! We're on a whole other level
The reason for the new devils
God, our conductor
sent us to tear down demonic structures
So all you demons that's on the prowl
In Jesus name, we bind you now!
God has empowered,
for this hour, to cause satan's plans to grow sour
God sets His ministers aflame, like Jeremiah, filled with fire
Casting down that ole'liar
satan and his foes
So God's truth will be known
God has drawn the line
He called the light, day
and the darkness, night
He said choose light, Jesus Christ
In Him you will have spiritual sight, for eternal life
He has given us vision, for Godly living
No more divisions, religious traditions, and superstitions
No more excuses for doing wrong
We lived in a state of confusion far too long
No more compromise
No more believing satan's lies
Awake! Arise!
In case you haven't yet realized
There's a spiritual battle going on, and it's for our lives
Put on the amour of Light
Strap on the Word, RIGHT!
Rightly divide the truth, line upon line, precept upon precept
To avoid spiritual death.
Get ready for combat
We've entered the war zone, and devil is coming strong
but the blood of Jesus has already atoned,
so all of satan's power over us, are gone.
Now we can sing a new song
Because of Jesus we victoriously rise.
Awake and Arise, the war is won, but we still must fight!
We all must choose a side, the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light?

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