Pen & Paper

We -
are friends, you and I.
You -
are my pathway to freedom,
away from the loneliness of despair.
I -
am your fountain of youth,
guiding you with a tender hand,
ever so slowly,
toward your eternal free spirit.
Together -
we burn the invisible flame which people,
complete strangers,
are drawn.
Soon -
they will know we are here,
You and I;
it is inevitable.
In -
the marketplace, the bookstore,
the white sandy beaches;
it does not matter.
They -
will come,
yearning for our aura of love,
the endless sky of hope and tranquility.
Away -
from the deep sea abyss
where the demons grovel.
I love you -
O' flower of beauty and passion.
With you -
life begins anew.

(222 - Early Fall,2007) (Cass Lake / Little Wolf, MN)

by Kyle Corray

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