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Abusive Single Mom

Abusive single mom

Oh mommy! Please don't hurt me! Don't beat me!
More you hit and beat more a child call you mommy! !
You conceived a baby like other female creatures!
That shouldn't make you the devil, the ferocious! !
It was your job to breast feed a baby with love and joy!
That shouldn't make the baby your slave and a toy! !
You are out of control due to your bad temper!
You kicked out my daddy and did the hamper! !
You leave the child home alone and ride with other men!
You eYven, bring those men whom whenever you can! !
But when you can't laugh with them and cannot do fun!
By hitting and beating a child, your frustration is done! !
Mommy! You have no character and kids laugh at thee!
Why mommy needs many and no need baby one daddy! !
Now, daddy or mommy whoever child abuse does!
They pollute hoods and make the society nervous!
Before fixing your country and politics, fix own family!
Have tolerance, kindness, education and don't be chilly!

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