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Penetrate Your Heart
(7/12/1964 / Michigan)

Penetrate Your Heart

Poem By Shelly Price

You seek the pleasure of others for a time,
but it's only fleeting...you soon will see.
You have no real reason or no rhyme,
it merely fills the emptiness and void of me.

I am the one to satisfy you completely,
I feed your body, your heart and your soul.
I am what is good and wild and free within you,
I'm what you need to make you whole.

I am the one who will always fill your void...
you will forever seek me for fulfillment and fun.
I chase away your boring, balanced, dull life...
I allow you to take your moment in the sun.

All you have to do is take the risk, say yes...
it's hardly a gamble if you truly find the real.
Your life could be so rich and full of reward,
if you'll just let go and let yourself feel.

Don't fear the one who tenderly holds your heart,
the love I offer is pure and deep and strong.
It is love unconditional without any rules...
how could a love such as this ever be wrong?

I stir the feelings that are deep within you...
you know that is what you fear the most.
While all along you try to run and hide...
I just want to comfort you and hold you close.

Put aside the others, where no joy is found.
Take my hand and love the tried and the true.
For my love for you has no limits or no bounds...
it has patience and will always be there for you.

I long to see sunrises and sunsets in your eyes,
I see the two of us together walking hand in hand.
I shall forever carry thoughts of you with me,
as I continue to wait for you to take a stand.

I will carry on each day with my hopes and dreams,
looking for you to want to make a new start.
I'm praying that my love will find a way...
to penetrate the wall you've built around your heart.

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