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Bhavarthadipika Chapter 1
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Bhavarthadipika Chapter 1

Poem By Sant Dnyaneshwar

Faith to know and kept to keep,
Not weakens.

Those who pray,
Rest and get sleep.
Letting God remove from them,
Confusion produced by delusions.
Knowing God has shown this best to do.

People unaware of the power of prayer,
Are easily manipulated everywhere.
Inviting conflicts to end relationships.
To value more ongoing nonsense.
People unaware of the power of prayer,
Depend and rely upon false beliefs.
Cheapening their quality of life.
Until what they buy has from them gone.

Leaving nothing left but regret.
Leaving nothing left but tears cried wept.
Leaving nothing left but hope to borrow,
For their sorrows prolonged.
And a faking of faith to abuse and use,
As a game to display it played.

There is no faith to fake it played.
There is no power of prayer in it.
To deliver relief.
Or remove anyone from their pain and grief.
The power,
Of prayer...
Is known by those who remain aware.
The power,
Of prayer...
Through the pain of conflicts.
Through abuse used to manipulate.

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