Penny Candy And Nickel Cigars

Penny candy and nickel cigars
A life that is far removed from ours
Carefree days-cool summer nights
The flame of love that spring invites

Fans created from paper scraps
Tired heads on dress-clad laps
White-gloved hands held to the lip
A swimming hole for a summer dip

Sticks and hoops, ropes and balls
The beckoning voice of summer calls
Picnic baskets filled with treats
Evil that goodness always defeats

Crisp fall air and autumn moon
A time when lovers coo and spoon
Moonlight graces new fallen snow
So swift the years, where do they go?

The parlor where folks sit and chat
A nice wide brim on a ruffled hat
We lounge on the porch swing admiring the stars
Through the moon-lit haze of nickel cigars

by Christine K. Trease

Comments (1)

A wonderfully nostalgic poem, Christine... amazing imagery and beautifully crafted. The reader can't help but yearn for the days of yore. Great write! ! Brian