Poem By Minu Jaiswal

A pen holds so much of importance.
Every pen is valuable.
A pen’s waste, is a thought’s waste.
There can be alternatives, serve its purpose,
But, nothing can substitute it.
Loss of a pen, is loss of creativity.
One, who writes, knows it all.
One cannot lose writings of a pen,
Its written data, cannot be erased.
Since ancient times, pens have acted as an honorable gift.
Nothing can be more priceless when it comes from a teacher;
Be it an ink pen or a ball pen,
No electronic device can match its authenticity.
The Elderly say, it is classic to carry a pen,
Youngsters say, a typed message is better off.
But, it has to be realized,
The convenience of a pen is irreplaceable.
It is indeed, the fastest way of expressions.
Pens range from being cheap to costly,
But, its beauty, remains.
From that era, to this era, its manufacturing has changed,
But, its style remains.
This one stick-type of a thing,
Is worthy of its presence.
After all, it is, certainly, one of a kind.

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