the birthday of the church;
Our Paraclete’s coming;
Fulfilling Christ’s own word.
Arrival of the Spirit;
promised by the Lord;
With fire of the Holy one.
His anointing of new power.
Revelation of the truth of God,
Planting Jesus in our hearts.
Convicting men of sin,
Of righteousness and judgement,
Yet bringing peace within.
He comes to share the balm of love,
With gifts for every saint.
Lifting up each faltering hearts;
Giving strength to those who faint:
Let us take some time to ponder,
On the wonder of His love.
As He points us to a Saviour,
Who reigns in power above.
Waiting for that awesome day;
When the trump of God shall sound:
And all the dead in Christ arise,
To meet their Lord, with glory crowned.
Thus, with the Holy Spirit,
The Church of God complete,
Will join the throng of Angels,
And worship at His feet.

by Don Dickenson

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