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SW Samantha Williams (01/03/88 / Chillicothe)


They still don't understand me well,
And I doubt they ever will.
Is it hard to talk to me right now,
Or am I just that hard to get?

You only need to speak to me, to
Understand me well, so why is it
You can only speak, when YOU have
Something to tell?
Why can't you listen to me now
And hear what I must say?

I need to talk to some one here
To start my moving on.
Though no one tries to talk to me,
And others just don't care.

One person tried to talk to me,
But that just didn't work.
They didn't understand my voice,
So left just like the rest.

Am I just to hard to understand,
Or is it just too hard to talk to me?
No one can speak to me right now, so still I need to talk

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