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Poem By Melissa Patty

People laugh and talk
People crawl or walk
People say hello or goodbye
People say the truth or they tell a lie
Some people are happy or maybe sad
People can be good or bad
People have different personilties and faces
People live in all kinds of places
People around the world have different types of skins, white, black or tan
People grow up to become a woman or a man
People say their sorry some say their not
People say I'm thinking of you because their always in their thought
People cry people moan
People know when your scared and feeling alone
People come in all sizes fat or thin
We were all born with sin
People are all different in every way
People are cruel people are kind, that's what we find in this world today
People ask so many questions why
In this world we live and then we die
Now we know that we are not the same
Because you and me and everybody in the world has to respect each other people are like a candle, a burning candle

Melissa Patty

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I like the sentiment in this poem. Do unto others as you would like they do unto you. The rhyming is good, Melissa but you lose the rhythm, Too many syllables in some of the lines. An extremely good effort, especially for a fourteen year old.