There is not one branch.
On any tree seen.
Whether that tree sits,
In a park or forest to view it and visit.
Nothing grows without it being seeded.
Or can exist independently.
With this to believe done successfully.
Needed are roots to feed and nourish.
Needed in God's creation to continue humanity.
Is sustenance obtained to sustain,
Supplied by God.
To do with air to breathe.
A process that began and could end.
If God so chooses.
Concluding to refuse,
The mindless abuse those of consciousness...
Seem unable to rebuke.
Or collectively understand,
The power that controls and commands.

Needing other people.
Are the luckiest people.
In the World.

*People, composed by Jule Styne.
Lyrics by Bob Merrill.
For the 1964 Broadway musical, Funny Girl.
Starring Barbra Streisand.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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