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Many people see others as aliens
They don't take into consideration
That the people may be hurting,
or scared of them.

The handicapped aren't aliens
But you treat them like they are diseased
You don't think they know what you are saying
but they do.

The poor are thought of as lazy
They might be but that is hurtful to say
They know they should get a job
but some just don't understand.

Immigrants are not dirty
They just do what they did in their old country
They aren't stupid
They might have not had enough money to go to school.

Everyone is alike
And everyone needs help in one way or another
Why dont many people see that?
Why do most people not want to see that?

A lot of people dont look around
They only see what is put infront of their face,
And others don't like to be proven wrong
so they ignore everyone.

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