AR (12/21/95 / Mesa, AZ)


People think that life's a blessing
Blessings are people who care
Not even my best of friends can bare
They hate me when I'm around
And worse I don't know my own family
The only people I can understand and talk to
Are actually...
GanNi, Christian, Eryka, Joelstine, Aurora, Gaby and my Mom! !

by Alexandria Rios

Comments (2)

Alex, i'm always here! ^_^ always remember that at some point of our lives, we tend to think that we are losing control and everything seems to be out of control... this is where the challenge takes place, learn to love all challenge for every challenge bears you reasons to be a better person... keep strong! ^_^ *hugs -GanNi
Nice......But we do love to see you around...its just Alex.....please don't hate me for saying this but....ur not goth or emo........its takes a while to be that..See when i first started iut here at this school.....i was prepy..then one day.....i realized how much i hated the preps so then i came to aurora and started hanging out with them....after about a week...i changed and soon became goth.But the thing is it runs in my blood and family....i now know that im a witch and a another goth....Its a curse i please don't hate me.....we love you it just takes time to b like is scared to say what she is....and me i dont care what ppl say...IM PROUD! ! And you should be too! ! I luv ya alex....(not like that as in family way)