AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

People After '80.

You have gotten not too much happiness.
After the world of '80, you are so lonely.
The society hasn't given you too much.
You 're being forgotten for other busy.

Too much entainment made you crazy.
You've lost your way from the true world.
You seem can't see the way how is going.
I understand you are not satisfied of your own

Do you know your parent's bitter generation?
Do you agree you haven't not hardly learned?
You may be required to regain what in the future.
You may do it yourself more difficult afterward.

In this world, where there is no free lunch.
You need to get them in your own not in church.
I believe you can be better later with very much.
You will be enjoying the true love as in crunch.

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Each generation is like waves coming to shore. Though people remain the same