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People Are The End
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People Are The End

Open skies and never ending fields.
Freshly cooked pies and home cooked meals.
The song of the birds as they sing thier sweet sound.
You look outside and see the beauty of nature all around.

Wide open fiels with a rainbow laid out.
The beauty of nature you can't live without.
Flowers and trees bloom with such care.
All they have is their wonder to share.

The rays from the sun as it kisses your face.
Warmth fills your soul and you stay in this place.
Love, learn, laughter, live endlessly.
Seek hope, solve problems, be all you can be.

Look to the beauty of nature and become one.
Cause when its all gone we'll ask, 'what have we done? '
Cherish all things, that can't put up a fight.
Do anything you can, because deep down, you know what is right.

Yet once it's all gone, what will we have left?
Tall buildings, skyscrapers, factories, and theft?
I want tall trees that reach to the sky,
and screw factories I don't want the flowers to die.
Everything pure that could not defend.
Probably didn't know that people were its end.

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