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! ! People Change Without Reasons!

People change without reasons
there you stand gaze stunned
hurt scuffles there you fight your
way to reason out
feign they, you never know
what lies behind their dotted lines
dab a bam of rudeness on others
as they know well this world
is biased and a divided podium
a paroxysm it triggers but
fear there not as it does not carry any
reserve on the asset sheets of life

People change without reasons at times
and spruce up misfortunes
of others on printed sheets
straight there in front and avoid these
shadows on bright pathways and
believe your cautious minds’ alerts well
a genuine safe unseen hands
beyond skies for sure lift and hold
when these definite unruly ones
try to tug you down from behind
change them not easy, for sure
you change for your good and
blemish not the inner

August 5,2008

by Rema Prasanaa

Comments (5)

This poem is nice as it talks about changes which are continuous in life and in people which reminds me some changes are for good and some are unexplained since some things never are answerable for one to find reasons about.
a thought provoking poem. people change, you just accept and move on after the initial shock is over. change is the only thing constant. after years of trying to understand human behaviour, i have given upbecause finally it has dawned on me the big question is Who am i.10+ Rema.
Rema! First I want to congratulate u for picking up wonderful subjects for your poems.There is a saying in Telugu 'Poet can see what even Sun cannot find' You have excellently treated the subject. Please read my HUMAN TRAIT, which complements your subject. Thanks..10 plus sathya
.. and regardless we must remember not to judge, continue to love... for why should we validate if someone has or has not a reason.... change is the flux that sweeps the eyes, I's and You's of all people... Rema... aroha xx..
Sure a genuine safe unseen hand beyond skies will lift and hold you high!