SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

People Do Care

You hide the scars inflicted, It was a bittersweet sort of pain.
You smile on the outside, masking your hurt and shame.
But your feelings are known, we see them in your eyes
But you only know how many tears you’ve have cried.

Your feelings and fears are written loud and clear
Poetry expresses all your anguish and all your fears.
You are not a faceless entity, a shadow ignored, not there.
You are a living, breathing work of art
You’ll find out—others do care.

Where can you find the courage to face another day?
When can you finally believe the kind words others say?
How can you change, let depression leave your mind?
Can you love yourself again and leave all the pain behind?

Yes, you do have the courage! Trouble is not here to stay.
Step outside yourself and face a new day.
The pain you feel today, will be history tomorrow,
The future can be full of happiness
And a lot less of sorrow.

Your past is behind you,
You have nothing to be sorry about
Just let the love enter your heart
And you have already made your new start!

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