People Know Me Not

People think they know me, little do they see
All the parts I hide so well, which is the real me
They believe that I am happy, funny and alive
Little do they know, I feel like dieing inside
I know everybodys stories, of everything in their lives
They never take the time to ask me about mine
Friends they say; is what we are
How come your friends, you keep so far.
No one really knows me, funny as that may be
I guess I am very good at hiding certain parts of me.
Listening to everyones stories, trying to make them see
Life isn't always so bad, some have it worse you see
I never really tell people about my life
I walk around endlessly in solitude and dark
People never know the hell that I have been through
I keep a tight grip on that part

I know it is that I don't trust not one soul in this world
I learned a long time ago, the only one you trust is you

by jeannie schmidt

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