People Of Ignorance

Those people they begin to insult
Trying to prove their worth
Trying to defend their mothers
And trying not to lose face
But, those comments, words, thoughts…
Leave them in disgrace
We try so hard to impress
Three women he says
Oh I don’t know if it’s true
But I do know how to prove
Prove we are all weak
Because in the end love is what we seek
I’m not sure if it’s just all the stress
I’m not sure why people don’t just fess
We aren’t perfect and we lie
I am a racist
It’s not like I try
I have friends of all kinds
And I hurt them with my words but, its just jokes
But some people they just don’t know…
They try to put you down…
They try to sound like they are the best
But they have never even had any success
Tell me what you really think
Because all you people out there stink!
I don’t try to defend myself
I try to prove your words will send you to hell
I am not better than the rest
And ignorance of people will be my death…
Their words they bother my karma
And their thoughts disturb my soul
They leave my heart in such a mess
Those people of ignorance I hope some day you will see
That all you do is cause me to pity thee.

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