People Sell Their Souls

Impulsive and full of himself.
That is the image of the legacy he leaves.
That is not the right word.
That's it.
Once you know someone who knows someone else...
That doesn't take intelligence, common sense,
Or even a thought process to distinguish between the two.
People sell their souls to acquire a certain status.
And to have that shared with just a few...
Eventually makes a fool respectable.
And no one in their right mind would allow an idiot,
To achieve anything of dominance.
But then again...
This assessment by now should be obvious.
And a painful admission experienced by many,
Who have allowed themselves to believe
Anything he represents has depth.
Or a consiousness connected.
Although connected he is to those of like minds!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Hhhhmmm...Should aspiring politicians must read this? Esp here in our country and others as well....I guess they shld before the election...penned well 10.
People in positions they shouldn't fill, happens all the time, it would worry me. However when the place they fill is of very high regard, like maybe King; it will be very dangerous for all. Don't we know it! Well said Lawrence.