People Submerged In Their Insecurities

People submerged in their own insecurities,
Have a constant need to speak of one's race.
The color of one's skin.
And who is responsible for today's racism.
With deceitful confessions,
That these are not part of their 'sins'.

They are!
And that's why they wish to keep it identified.
They are,
On the dark side.
And doing it absent of color.
Or the lack of it shown!

They are...
People submerged in their own insecurities.
And people like these,
Make their presence known!
Even if their actions annoy themselves...
In a collective ignorance that is overblown!

They are...
People who dislike,
People like me.
And others who strip disguises away,
From people submerged...
In a willingness to inflict their own insecurities,
With misdeeds and a hate for self reflection.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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