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People Want Our Friend Ship But I Wont Give It Up!

no one can keep us apart,
i just simply wont let them,
its not the way it will be,
your a sister to me,
nothing less with you ever become,
finally some one i dont have to run from,
you understand what i go threw,
haveing fun the way we do,
run threw the rain,
even though people dont think we are sain,
late nights just to talk,
talk so long we end up lost when we go on a walk,
watching for the red car,
trying to find our one shinning star,
shareing the same close,
no one can take those,
the pictures in black and white,
never getting in not one fight,
resiling in the mud,
hitting the ground in a thud,
doing each others hair,
is there any thing we dont share,
i need my sister here with me,
with out you i simpey can not be,
no matter what is said about she,
people just want as tight as friendship,
so to us apart thay will try to rip,
i know what thay want us to be,
but that is one thing ill never be,
and that is your enemy! !

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Very nice! ! ! i really like this poem! keep it up ^_^