People Who 'Assume'

~Reality 'is'...
What reality 'does' with it achieved.~

People who 'assume' others to be stupid,
For an expressing without exception...
A respect and thoughtfulness to give.
Regardless of the situation.
Although one's disposition becomes tested,
With a doing to heat a temper to release...
But the doing is 'cooled' to allow the heat to cease.

And yet...
Even when they themselves get no respect to get,
It seems to be the very same people who 'assume'...
Those they disrespect,
Should also be equipped to forgive and forget...
Once a doing of apologies have been expressed,
For those misdeeds done and purposely.

'I have discovered you are not stupid at all.'

~So why and how is it,
You've accused me to be unforgiving?
I forgave you the moment you believed me to be stupid.
But I have not arrived at the forgetting of it yet.
Nor does that mean lessons taught I sought,
To remain thoughtful and respecting...
I am going to give up because of your ignorance,
You openly allow yourself to address.
Reality 'is'...
What reality 'does' with it achieved.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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