People Who Believe They Are Indispensible

People who believe they are indispensible...
Are the ones ready to kill.
Believing the experience of life,
Is theirs to give and take at will.

Like a cancer that spreads,
Without a cure...
People like these,
Have missions of evil to fulfill.

People who believe this world is theirs...
Destroy and destruct,
Without a consciousness known...
Or Shown they care.

They assume they have rights,
To tell others what to do...
Day and night.

And when they discover they are wrong...
They can not live with themselves.
Staying awake to make decisions,
Others are the ones that do not belong!

So they make excuses...
To murder!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

good write and scary to think there are so many like that
Awesome! Rings so true.