People Who Decieve

People who deceive.
As if to celebrate this joyfully.
Eventually defeat themselves.
Since those who believed,
They were of goodwill and not misdeeds.
Are beginning to discover,
With their eyes open wide to see.
Even the folks wearing homemade halos.
Are the biggest hypocrites.
Who are swift to deny,
A lie to tell heard from their lips.
And people who allow themselves,
To follow anyone exposed to be like this.
May find it too late to receive,
A forgiveness to expect it.
Since they chose to also discredit,
Those who showed they were honest.
With integrity to treat as if a disease.
Have only a grief to feel it deep.
To know it theirs.
Kept in their minds to keep.
Whether or not,
They stay on knees praying for relief.
Since people who decieve to believe,
Know what they do.
And to who with it done,
Without remorse to feel that to come.
They decieve to believe,
A receiving of a benefit from it.
If only for the attention to get.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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