With Confidence

I will still not be alone
When you leave me and really gone
I shall live with your memory
Almost see it as blessings from almighty

I was watching her eyes
Full of contentment with no try
I grabbed her with full force
She was willingly in fold of course

She had invited for strong union
It was well thought over move for companion
I felt for urgent need and joined
She was all for agreement and maintained

I entered with confidence
She was happy with golden chance
It was no compulsion but with full agreement
The life was to be good platform for enjoyment

I placed hand around and peeped through
She was like marble statue and proved true
She was like ripe fruit and wanted full claimer
I was her best choice preferred

We both pledged for our future
It was agreed and nurtured
The moon was shining but with coolness
I too had calmed down and felt freshness

The concern was well addressed
We were in rage like river and faced
The water flow slowed down and subsided
We were one in entity and not divided

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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