People Will Make Their Decisions

People will make their decisions.
Yet deny to have been committed,
To choices made they can not live with.

Loyalty and devotion is a thing of the past.
Desires like that today just do not last.

Like children who wish,
For Christmas gifts to get.
And after a few minutes are bored.
Wanting something else and quick.
To notice with this witnessed,
Their appearances may change...
As they grow older.
But their minds remain with the same,
Unchanged dispositions.

Leaving those who show a patience,
Left for others to 'assume'...
Medications are not taken to numb their minds.

Especially the ones who find themselves,
Trapped into accepting all kinds of B.S.
To also approve the getting of disrespect.
And deception to volunteer it to receive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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