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People With Big Egos

People with big egos around me everywhere
And so many more in the big World out there
Who think they are special in every way
Their sort i happen to meet every day

They rule the World which does seem sad to say
And respect to the poor their sort never do pay
It is so soul destroying an ego out of control
On the higher human feelings it does take it's toll

Every day people with big egos i meet
They feel so enamored in their own self conceit
An aura of self importance around them does glow
Of how it feels to be humble their sort would not know

On the leafy suburb of the big town
In their big cars driving up and down
Quite obviously showing off their material success
Yet sadly the impressionable they always impress

Mostly due to them many species of wildlife becoming rare
People with big egos for the Natural Environment does not have one thought of care
Their sort of people are seldom environmentally aware
The Natural Environment does suffer for every new millionaire

Every day driving in their big cars them i do see
People with big egos are everywhere around me
Yet one can only wonder why they feel it so necessary for to show off their pride
When so much natural beauty by them has been destroyed.

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