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People With Each Other Compete

Every day with each other for this thing known as success people do compete
To be best in their neighborhood and best on their street
A stepping stone for them to far greater fame
So many who do aspire to become a great name
On this cyber age infatuation on the rise
Not a great World to live for the compassionate and wise
The look at me syndrome Worldwide nowadays rife
Infatuation with smart phones for many is a way of life
In an age when everyone wants to be famous and narcissism with many is the in thing
And so many their own praises only too willing to sing
And it is not saying anything that is in anyway new
To say that the humble nowadays are of the few
And this in itself is a sad thing to say
In a Human World where people compete for attention every day.

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Francis, such an interesting poem👍👍👍