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Peppermint Hint

In the gauze of the dead lies a sweet
Grubby hands loom 'round the detritus heap
While eyes blink away some floating rot
Quick glances miss the igniting heart
A cheaply flung apocalyptic start

Cleaved breaths grip and gasping toil
The spine perks up like a hungry whore
Red waves swirl around soft white centers
Bony ones lurch from their fleshy prisons
Paraded high in the moonlight, twirls the candybox

by Tailor Bell

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Comments (8)

Fabulous Tailor very deep thoughts indeed, wow! I really must come back and read again and again.--Melvina--
i've always thought this was so brilliant. precocious and a great joy to read.
A deeper meaning than the words portrayed.Well done Tailor
A fascinating piece though I'm still baffled by some lines. Another beautiful piece. Susie.
Something very sad about this one, intriguing poem, Love duncan X
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