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! 'Perceived Insults'
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! 'Perceived Insults'

Poem By Michael Shepherd

In the list of human indulgences,
‘perceived insults’ rank high in personal irresponsibility:
it’s when you take offence on behalf of another
whom you hadn’t spoken to, anyway, to ask them..

as for instance, insulting a teacher’s intelligence
by suggesting that she has acted out of malice;
or insulting a small child by suggesting
that his name ‘Mohammed’
given him by his parents,
is itself an insult to the Prophet;

what a luxury for the holier-than-thou,
the whited sepulcres, and those who use
perceived victimisation by other faiths
as a tool of their aggression…

well, you get the drift…

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Comments (2)

well, you get the drift… most certainly...
I don't think anyone could have put this more pefectly M. Now please send it to embassies and political leaders across the world. t x