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We all start this race,
This race to win.
This race to be the best.
But what do you perceive will come?
Who will stay a float?
And who will sink down below.
Those that are already ahead,
Will win this battle once more
With the cheating sense
Of advancement.

Do you see this color?
This color of perfection.
The shade of half past brilliant.
Sorry but paint won’t fix this picture,
That mistake,
That portrait of shame

Tell me why colors matter?
And why aren’t we the same?
Color is just make up,
The make up of so-called groups,
The so-called difference.
Who has the power torch?
And who gets to judge today?

Just accept I’m better
Come bask in my glow.
Your words are empty.
Your life is filth.

Combination of these simple colors
Create beauty and mess.
When Superiority persists,
Dark perception grows
And Destruction prevails

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Dark Perception results in Destruction...Better Life I hope for your coloration :)