Our society the nucleus of a divine message.
So eloquent a voice of maxims it brings.
The divine predictor, a conscript of moral purity.
Interprets so pathetically to metamorphose our mind.
With preconceived notions of reinventing right from wrong.
Exerting prophetic and infinite harmony of good and evil.

Inevitability of societal ethics of life.
With fervent impulse to raze all evil.
Individuals transforming to freeing the inebriated mind.
Blinded by conviction, to segregate right from wrong
Proscribed their precedence for immortal mirth.
Fearing God's wrath, to escape from torments of hellish fires.

Somewhere between lies the ideal man
Praying for daily pittance of propinquity to Him.
Too plainly contradicts his redemptive purposes.
With misguided mind, he metamorphoses with no choice.
Trying to balance out this ironic satire.
Sees only perception of the infinite in all.

by Prabha Trimurty

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