Today, I Got Enchanted

Today, I got enchanted.
And flat, like vanquished Goliath
My proud heart falls to your comeliness.
Again, I steal a glance at you
Injecting me with tacrolimus of affection,
Kneeling is my soul, although I stand.
Oh, today my soul got enchanted.

Ruthlessly tender is your soft smile
Unbridling my heart in its disorientation;
Though I'm taken, I inaudibly languish for you.
How did you get me so enchanted?

[Monday,14th January,2018]

by Joseph Oladehinde Ibikunle

Comments (3)

More of your lovely writes Graham, I love reading your poems. Thank you for posting them. Love Ernestine XXX
Hello Graham, I was surprised and pleased to find your work here. The older I get, the more some of those dreams fade away. You've captured that feeling. Joe
I would like to say I hope all your wishes come true, BUT! that is a curse in China? nice read..good one Dave