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Perdu Dans Ses Yeux (Lost In Her Eyes)

This was originally written in french.

Floating over skies like
Drops of golden sun dancing
Upon the clouds
Mezmorized by the rhythmic swaying
Of grass on a sunny hillside
Words stuttered like
Ripples in a lake
Serene like
The rain dropping
As the world becomes Hazel
And I'm lost in her eyes.

by Alex Herdman

Comments (5)

Are you the famous Irish poet?
hi Zander it's annie i love this poem it is one of the best poems i have ever read! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (you r a heka good poet) also this poem is so cute
Very well done. Evocative. Nice work. Eyes, what a very intresting, yet pleasent topic. I almost feel as though I am looking into this persons eyes. Beautiful, I must say, unless it is a guy, in whitch case handsome. French- good idea.
A beautiful tribute to a moment that meant a lot.... lovely romantic poem, Alex.
When we feel one with nature, we are elevated to heaven indeed!