BU ( / Kerala, India)


I travelled a long
Following your reverent silhoutte,
Hoping the dead end is near
To sit a little and take rest.

But no! the road winds down again
To a valley unknown!
Your transplendent presence only
Is the hope of comfort.

I cannot see your face!
Why don't you look back?
Still I feel a cozy air
Where your presence is my heaven

Please, Please understand,
No heaven I matters
Without the presence of you,
So let's sit on this hill top.

Be kind and stop my dear,
Give a touch on my forehead,
Let my road ends
And let the heaven blooms here! ! !

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Bisy Untan, Nothing satisfies the human heart if God is not it's center. Let us sit with our Lord and receive His true words of love. Everything in life stands or falls by who we love and who we spend life and time with.I thought at first you were writing of a person then wondered if it was God's presence. So meaningful to read and inspiring too. Good Job!