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Peregrine Falcons

The fearless hunters of the day they circle in the sky
And faster than a swallow tis said that they can fly
They can kill birds far larger than themselves in flight they make the kill
They nest in holes in the sandstone cliffs on the face of the brown hill,
The fearless hunters of the clouds with terror in their cry
The fastest birds of prey on Planet Earth few that fact would deny
Than the Peregrine falcons in their cloaks of dark to grey
You will not find a greater or more fearless bird of prey
They now nest on tall City buildings and though not seen everywhere
They are making a comeback ten years ago they were rare
They travel at breath-taking speeds when when they are in full flight
And to see them wheel above the cliffs is an amazing sight
The fastest birds on Planet Earth though some may not agree
They often cry out in full flight an amazing thing to hear and see.

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sciencorrect, but too sing-song-y