JTG (June 26,1990 / Lowell, Ma)


Its about that point where you take the time
To think of why were here
Take this glass and fill it with wine
To this pain that we can not bare

The lies and the hatred in this world
Are things that you can't ignore
Every day ripped and twirled
You try harder to stay on shore

You don't want to drift away
From anyone that truly cares
So thats why you must always stay
Closer even through all these tears

You only get one chance at life
Do what you want and make things right
When you are in any strife
Never give up but always fight

In the end you will see
That everything will be ok
Get up on your feet and off your knees
You are no longer a stray

I will take you in as a friend
Never letting this happen again
Those cuts and wounds I will mend
Even the heart aches from other men

If you can accept what I give
You will come to see
That I am here to fully live
Letting others know theres no one like me

So take my hand and hold on tight
Ill take you for a ride
No more pain and no more fights
Theres nothing you have to hide

Before I go back up high
Tell me one more thing
Would you ever be interested in this guy
Would you appreciate what I bring

Although I dropped straight down from above
No one is perfect on this earth
If you can just promise to show me some love
I will make every bit of it worth

Your time and the space in your heart
I wont ever bring you down
You don't have to worry about being ripped apart
Baby ill make sure you don't frown

Holding you tightly in my hands
Never letting go
Meeting all your needs and demands
If this don't come to show

That you are my only star
That I see in the dark sky
No matter where you are
Your perfect for this guy

I don't want anyone else
To be with me in the end
You always will be on my top shelf
Until it is time for me to attend

To gods sanctuary way up high
Even then I will love
You with every moment that goes by
Ill always watch over you from above

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Beautiful, from the heart. -Kylie M. Lynch