LU (10/10/1991 / )

Perfect? ?

There's something about you I don't quiet understand
When I'm with you it feels as if everything's right
But I'm so scared of love and releasing that emotion
I'm never too sure but it somehow seems right
It really seems perfect when we are together
It's almost as if heaven is smiling down
But then the terror begins to seize over my heart
I've been through enough pain for the rest of my life
How do I know that this won't end the same
That this won't end in heartbreak, just as before
It sometimes seems too good to be true
Am I really that girl who has found her one dream
Did I really get lucky or is this a hoax
Are you really that one perfect guy? ?

by Lacey UnKnown

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Just as an update... the guy I wrote this for turned out to be a hoax. He was a far cry from perfect... but, after I broke up with him I took some time to grow closer to God and He brought me the guy who is perfect for me.