I’ve done my best
I believe
And the best that can be done
But in your eyes
No matter the price
I still have not won
I try to sway you
To see what others see
But stuck in your ways
You won’t let me be
You crush my spirit
Until I’m broken
And there’s nothing left
Until my heart
Itself doesn’t
Beat in my chest
Until my color
Is replaced with gray
Until you have
It completely your way
Until I’m sunken on the
Or rather when you
Can have me properly
Till I’m nothing but
A copy of you
And think of
Everything as you do
Until there is no
Left inside
And your law is
The only one I abide
Until I’m perfect in everyway
I won’t live happily with you
Another day

by Chocolate Bunny

Comments (3)

hey sweeto this is a lovely one- dont lose your identity for him love you anju ++++10 i loved it will take it to my fav list one can or should try to control u..............well penned
a very lovely poem, alot of emotions, nice, keep up the good work