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Perfect Balance

2 be afraid means very little until your afraid of your own reflection,
my capabilities are not always reflected in my reality so i hide behind my
ability to be indifferent for its protection.

Never go too far left or right as extremes reveal to much,
never reveal ways to angelic as my inner demons wait too be touched,
try not to put to much into me, your expectations will soon be crushed
ive warned many b4 not to love me that much.

The perfect balance of chaos and calm
the ugliest beauty youve ever seen
right eye holds tales of nightmares
as the left holds a sweet dream

I am the virgin full of lust
the whore whos hyman has never been broken

i am the def woman holding her ears from the screams of a mutes words never spoken

quiet is kept
mums the word
tell me no secrets ill tell you no lies,
though i am the cause of your pain i am the first to sympathise.

and just as i am the cause of the worlds chaos i will be the reason for its peace.
i am the saint and the sinner
the beauty and her beast

i am the greatest story ever told of corruption and morals
the peace in the midst of war

i am everything you ever needed but never knew to search for.

I am the perfect balance.

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