(1967 / Ireland)

Perfect Cloud

A Perfect Cloud sits as mist mountain
Pointing latent vapours in every direction
Presiding over a blue sky
About to be changed
As it is ever changed.

The cloud reminds us of transience.
Shortly thereafter we are again left to our devices;
Ably bodied as rats but better meterologists perhaps,
Confused animals beneath a tower, a fountain of nature's will.

What drives clouds transformation from multi liqui-nuclei
Into its new multi-nuclei and latent downpour
Only the cloud knows for sure

-A cloud has not a tongue but simply morphs-

And the meterologists hazard intelligent but wet guesses
Under an umbrella of science

Blueish-Whiteish-Greyish&Fluffy are its tags

-A cloud has not a blog but simply morphs-

It drifts, it wanders as All know
And can hide the moon & sun from below

-A cloud has not got GPS but simply morphs-

A cloud simply is and there's nothing we can do about it except...

'Dublin, March 26th 2008'

by Jinjah Man

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Very interesting read, Hugh. Thanks. Don