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Perfect Creation
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Perfect Creation

Poem By AHO Speaks

Can I acknowledge what you have given me
Imagine, part of an ocean and part of a sea.
Clouds pass by and add to the volume of water
Harvest renewed for every son and daughter.

To see your light on all four sides
Comprehension like intimate knowledge; of the coming tides.
Knowing but really not sure
The end, as the beginning, with a love so pure.

The piano turning each light switch on its way
Background of click, click, as if words to play
The light will draw out of the interior of the sun
Reminiscent memories from the digit one.

A perfect creation we call a son
Also a gift of daughter from two, but really one.
These are special favors from God to you
With blessings to the many and also the few.

Oh God of the immense and also the wide
Joy of life and future of a bride.
If not this day then before the end
To acknowledge all the gifts you did send.

From the beginning and the journey with toil
Oh everlasting God take me from the soil.
Because youi allow us to be and therein reside
I know I can reach you deep inside.

The fragrance of the sun with its golden attire
Spread across the water like tonques of fire.
Oh wind and rain you are natures force
You come out of joy and not remorse.

I shall see you again my companions of light
Thank you for the day and the coming night.

11-25-05 Aho Speaks

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