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Perfect Dream

I don't want to wake up from the perfect dream,
Cause the reality is too much of a drastic change
For the worse.
I open my eyes, but don't want to stay awake.
I close my eyes, but my dream is gone.
Gone, and I don't want it gone.
I need it back.
Images fade, like apicture blurry from drops of rain
Making its colors mix.
A tear rolls down, my smile disappears.
This world is too harsh, too cruel, and
Not for me.
My perfect world is far away from earth
And all it holds.
I try and I try.
I want to go back to the world I love so much,
I want to feel the love,
I want to hear the birds sing,
I want to breath the sweet nectar found in flowers,
I want to touch soft satin sheets,
I want to taste chocolate and strawberries.
I want to be free,
I want to be me,
I want to feel the strength of my dream's beauty
Embrace me in it's arms.
I want to stay locked in my dream with no way out.
I dream about my dream,
And then...
I'm sucked into the perfection of it all - again.
And I'm happy inside.
So blissful, never wanting to come out.
Dream. Perfect dream.
And it's mine.

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