PM (28 May 1991 / Harare, ZImbabwe)

Perfect Getaway

If you could take a ride through my mind
a wild ride through acreators amusement park
Roller coaster dips into the depths of oceans of swelling ideas
Questions swimming past in groups like groupers without cessation
Fantasies blooming and multiplying like duplicating cells
Kids with jet packs zooming to school
Teachers with no clocks because no one is ever late
Girls on the chase and boys on the run
Girls whiling away time on FIFA tourneys
Dogs meow at passers and cats bite the kids
Walkways with signposts screaming "welcome to normal land"
Paths rising sharply into a cloud of worries
A grayish mountain trail to the views beyond
Hiking up relationship problems and insecurities
When the gloom gets thick as a Congolese forest
We reach the top, where the sun grins and watch the stars play.
the perfect get away.

by Paul Madzivire

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