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Perfect Is The Day
(25th March 1943 / )

Perfect Is The Day

Poem By Ernestine Northover

Perfect is the day,
When the sun, with golden ray,
Lifts your soul, for just a while,
Causing you to raise a smile.

Perfect is the day,
When you feel things go your way,
And whatever you attempt to do,
Seems to work out, fine for you.

Perfect is the day,
When your stress has flown away,
And a peaceful time transpires,
Which is what your heart desires.

Perfect is the day,
When a child finds the time to say,
I do love you, Mum and Dad,
Now that really makes you glad.

Perfect is the day,
When with love, you can convey,
To the one that you adore,
That you'll be his, for evermore.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (6)

A marvellous and uplifting poem, I wish we all could share many more days like these. Love, Andrew xx
A top poem from a perfectly brilliant heart, Love Duncan
Perfect is your way of showing how perfect is the day. Susie.
finally a poem about positive thoughts! Optimistic people are a minority in these days.. Great write! HBH
Good one Ernie.......have a pppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrect day