Perfect Love



Yes we have a perfect love,
a love to last us for all time,
and I thank the lord above,
for making her all mine,
as we walk hand in hand,
we will walk throughout this land,
I always want her by my side,
though we roam both far and wide,
she is the only one for me,
that I love her you can see,
yes we make a perfect pair,
all the joys in life we share,
her every want, I try to give,
forever, with her I want to live,
this perfect love for me is true,
the perfect love for me is you.

written by Harry Bryant
07/7/02 9: 29 PM?
all rights reserved

By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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this is my favorite one you have written Harry. a beautiful poem written about, as far as i can tell, someone with an even more beautiful heart and spirit. you expressed your feelings wonderfully.