GF (9.8.91 / )

Perfect Match

He's off the wall
She's off the chart
He's so stupid
She's real smart

He's got the looks
She's got the 'tude
She's so unpredictable
He's just a dude

He's got big style
She's a real class clown
She always helps him up
'Cuz he's always down

They are like night and day, black and white.
She says 'this' and he says 'that'
Love comes harder when opposites attract
But what they have is a perfect match.

He tends to hate
She says 'appreciate'
But oh sweet serenity
It works out perfectly

They're so different
Like night and day
But they wouldn't have it
ANY other way

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Ah yeaaah! The hip-in-style-super-cool-trendy-teen Lady and the Tramp! LOVE IT! Super jealous of your rhyming skills! ~Amber~