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Perfect Peace
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Perfect Peace

You have to get rid of the miserable feeling to get rid of
And the feeling of being hopeless only brings on depression,
so you have to vanish all excuses of being insecure so you no
longer feel self-doubt.
No lights show the right ways to go, so being afraid is very
common, even expected.
But dreaming has to take place during this lifetime, so any
hate has to be diminished for this to occur, for every heartbeat
is on the line.
Time is needed to be saved as a precious gem.
Every morning has to be awoke with an urge to conquer the day
with positive energy, so to breath that unwanted last breath
is with a smile not regret.
Can angels be determined before one reaches heaven?
If so I do believe I've encountered one.
Those who dance in the devil's footsteps are easily spotted.
But my body not only wants positives but desperately needs that
kind of reassurance, has found a potential being to fill that
part of the missing piece of my life, and then some.
It's like "sleeping beauty" being kissed awake from a terrible
nightmare she can't seem to wake up from herself.
In that instant her life changed, for she met her prince.
The scenery changes from season to season.
The leaves change from nasty brown to a brilliant green.
Things change as time passes so eagerly by, but never did this
feeling I hold deep inside even flicker!
To have an end is seeming impossible, for having an end I can
never fathom or want to dream. . .

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